Custom Chatbots

Smart chatbots that understand and respond to your unique challenges

Custom Chatbots

Smart chatbots that understand and respond to your unique challenges

Every organization is different, so are our chatbots. Through a collaborative approach, we combine your business expertise with our technological and development skills to design highly personalized chatbots that fit your users and your environment.

Chatbots for customers

From interactive FAQs to personalized support, chatbots assist users in their shopping or administrative formalities. They are powerful tools to improve the quality and accessibility of services.


Navigation help, interactive FAQ, provision of documents…


Bookings, real-time advice, lead generation and qualification…

after-sales services

Deliveries or applications tracking, user reclamation, appointment scheduling…

customer support

Self-service solutions, inquiry qualification, transfer to a human agent…

Chatbots for employees

Chatbots can act as true facilitators. Connected to a company’s data silos, they are very efficient at centralizing and simplifying many back-office processes.


Scheduling appointments, planning meetings, booking shared resources…

common questions

Interactive FAQ, provision of company documentation…

human ressources

Access to holiday entitlement balance, leave request, absence notification…

IT support

Password change or recovery assistance, personalization of email signature…



Available instantly and 24/7, a chatbot can handle many requests simultaneously.


A chatbot eliminates data entry errors and can check, in real time, the accuracy of the information collected.


By reducing the processing time of queries (by up to 50%), a chatbot helps improve user satisfaction.


By automating monotonous tasks, a chatbot enables staff  to be more productive by focusing on higher value activities.


A chatbot standardizes all information delivered and ensures the compliance of exchanges and processes with applicable laws and regulations.

What Is a Chatbot?

Chatbots are software applications able to interact with their users through a natural language conversation.

Chatbots can be designed to handle a limited number of requests or be fully fledged digital assistants offering highly personalized interactions. They can be deployed across a variety of channels (website, mobile or messaging applications) and can automate simple tasks.

There are two types of chatbots. The first type is based on rules, the second on artificial intelligence technologies.

Also known as decision tree chatbots, they interact with their users by proposing explicit predefined options (usually in the form of buttons). These bots produce highly structured interactions that follow predetermined paths. They are most effective for routine information requests (opening hours, delivery/application tracking, etc.) or for collecting leads. However they are not well suited for complex scenarios involving many conditions or factors.

They are “intelligent” chatbots which offer smooth and dynamic interactions. They use AI technologies including Machine Learning which allows them to “learn” and improve over time, and Natural Language Processing which transforms human language into structured data that a computer can understand. These chatbots are also capable of generating natural language responses.

NLP works by breaking down and analyzing a user’s input (sentences) to identify intents (the user’s goal) and entities (information related to an intent such as a location, a date, a color, etc). The recognition of known intents and entities (ones for which the chatbot has been trained) triggers a response or action from the bot.

These two types are not mutually exclusive. For optimal performance, the chatbots developed by Inceptive often are hybrid which combine the strengths of both the rules-based and AI type. Our bots understand natural language but also rely on predefined conversation flows. They are able to analyze and memorize the context of a conversation, switch from one conversation scenario to another and can respond to spontaneous user requests at any point of a conversation.

Inceptive Chatbots…

Robo Fabrica, chatbot widget

INPI chose Inceptive for its first chatbot

INPI chose Inceptive for its first chatbot

Robo Fabrica, chatbot widget




Our chatbots can handle multiple topics. They offer different navigation and access options to the various topics based on a user’s profile.


Our chatbots support rich content such as hyperlinks, buttons, images, videos or carousels to make conversations smoother and more dynamic.


The appearance of our chatbots’ buttons and widgets is 100% customizable. It is easily styled to match your visual identity for seamless integration into your communication channels.


Our chatbots include an escalation feature to automatically transfer complex requests to a human agent. They also include a Live Chat module to process requests in real time.

  • KPIs

Detailed usage and performance metrics are available through an online account. They are presented in visual form and can easily be exported as CSV files.


The online account gives access to a complete chat history and can display each past conversation in full. This feature is useful to identify and understand why conversations fail and improve the bot.

Chatbots must be designed and developed methodically

The technologies and technical expertise involved in chatbot development are mere tools. They are only as powerful as the reflection on the bot’s scope and objectives is thorough and well thought out. The definition of the bot’s scope during the design phase remains the most decisive factor in the overall success of a chatbot project.


Definition of the chatbot’s goals, use cases and target user

Resource Aggregation

Dialog Flow Design

Technical specifications of interactions/connections (IS/API)


Content writing

Conversational graph design

Natural Language Processing configuration

Connections integration

Internal testing and feedback


Going live

Performance monitoring

Ongoing optimization

Bot Monitoring and handoff

We use our own chatbot building platform (Robo Fabrica) to create all our custom chatbots. The platform, available as a SaaS solution, allows us to progressively empower your team with the skills necessary to manage the bot autonomously.

Our Chatbot Design services always include a training phase covering Robo Fabrica’s monitoring and maintenance tools. Additional courses are available for clients who wish to manage the entire lifecycle of their chatbot in-house (changes, addition of features/connections, etc.)

Why Inceptive?

  • Proprietary tools and data ownership

Internal R&D has enabled us to develop proprietary tools among which Robo Fabrica, our chatbot building and management platform. These tools allow us to be technologically independent and ensure that you retain full control and ownership of your data.

  • Integration

The value and efficiency of a chatbot often depends on its degree of integration with the company’s information system. Inceptive has the technical skills and know-how to implement complex interactions and develop, if needed, the technological bricks necessary for optimal system integration.

  • Independence

Once trained to use Robo Fabrica, you will be able to manage and update your chatbot instantly and independently. If you have any questions or need help, we are always available to assist you via the platform’s support channels.

  • Transparency and openness

We adhere to a transparent development process on all aspects of a project (technologies, hosting, regulations, etc.) and ensure easy and open communication during the entire project through a designated contact person.

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